inno Care 24

Technical assistance within 24 hours
InnoCare24 represents the INNO Instrument’s after-sales customer care services. It starts with recognizing the importance of postsales product support after sales activities to build customer loyalty and long-term relationship. It is designed to provide comprehensive and effective technical solutions across the entire product life cycle.

The key factors in the customer support is the speed and quality customers receive when they have issues or problems.
InnoCare24 assures prompt and complete assistance which not only is available 24 hours a day but responds to customer inquiries within 24 hours through our technical support team or even official regional distributors by phone, email, and website inquiries. In addition, our world-class technical support team can provide all relevant activities from technical consultation to maintenance, repair, and any other requested support.

InnoCare24 ensures spare part availability for the entire product lifecycle taking availability, cost, and quality into consideration. Moreover, free of charge repair services will be provided during the warranty period, which includes annual maintenance, repair and replacement of defective parts, and providing replacement product during the repair process.

InnoCare24 is the best customer care and post sales support solution on the market, which is the INNO Instrument’s driving force behind its advancement as a global company.
  • 1.Purchasing

    Purchasing INNO product from regional distributor

  • 2.Follow-up

    Recognizing importance of follow-up services

  • 3.Contact

    INNO technical dep. Contact customers by phone,e-mail, website, and regional distributor

  • 4.Response

    Response within 24 hours

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